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Site corrective get effect instantly

Report from our correspondent, because of its process complex and procedures, machine processing workshop numerical control section, in the site management there are some difficulties. So it influence the production schedule to some extent. In order to improve the situation, promoting workshop production, On August 19, the workshop of the leader specialized held a thought kick-off to this section staff, they put forward a series of improving production efficiency measures requirements like strengthening the on-site management, enhancing the group leader responsibility system and post responsibility system, prizing for good and punish bad and so on.
Through this meeting, installation section staff recognized from their thought: good working environment is guarantee for improving work efficiency and product quality, for this, whole section in an all-round way "5S" activities, employees help each other. Activities soon achieved good effect, now, install section production site nervous and orderly, ground cleanness, material was putted neatly consistent, the staff was full of spirit, so the production efficiency also come up with.
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