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Karaoke competition

In the evening of Nov.11, more than 30 players who from Qingdao Yingli Machinery Co., Ltd. and subordinate factory start a fierce karaoke competition. Judges are made by six judges lord and ten public judges.
Contestants and the audience chorus "yingli song" to pull open the curtain of the competition. Everybody ebullient, passionate singing, through the beautiful sound installation song the players express love to work and life, the ambiance was very good. In the process of game there was a link of lottery for lucky audience. This competition successively drew two lucky viewers and issued badminton racquet to them as a memorial prize.
Competition pick out the first, second and third prizes, before the end of the game, all members of the standing ovation chorus "unity is strength", express the confidence and hope for yingli's future. They all hope to built Yingli such a big family to be better homes through the joint efforts of everyone.
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