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Hold birthday party for the employees
Time:2011-8-6 9:11:08

Project Dep.—— Yang Xue

    Since its foundation, QINGDAO YINGLI CO., LTD. kept committing to build a harmonious team with the humanist management idea. Holding birthday party for employees is a new measure of advocating the humanized management also a part of the construction of enterprise culture.


    On August 5, 2011 afternoon, Yingli machinery company headquarters held birthday party for Wei Chunyang, Lv Zhiyi and Li Xiguo in conference room.  General manager Zhang Deyong awarded the birthday cards and birthday gifts to them. Manager Zhang said “I hope you regard our company as your second home and you can feel our family’s care and love. We can work hard together for our family.” Wei Chunyang, Lv Zhiyi and Li Xinguo expressed gratitude to their leaders and all colleagues. They agreed to treat the care and love as motivation and work diligently to contribute to the development for the company.

    Mr. Li said “It’s the most significant birthday for me.” A full table of food, a box of birthday cake and a birthday greetings, looking like subtle, but it reflects the consideration form leaders. It promoted harmonious relations between staff and leaders, enhancing the company cohesive force, the centripetal force and attractive effect. At the same time, it greatly encouraged the staff's working enthusiasm, promoted the development of the project work. We reached the goal to keep the project department solidarity and a harmonious atmosphere.

    Qingdao Yingli machinery Co., LTD. celebrated birthday for every staff, which showed the practice of "humanist first" and attach great importance to the employees. The company belongs to all of staff and the company's business is a common cause of all the staff. Without every employee, there is no future of the company. At the same time, the company creates a positive, optimistic, and family-like work atmosphere for every. It lets each employee fully mobilize the enthusiasm and the initiative. Every employee is the owner of the company, standing at the host status of the company and actively participates in the position of the chain business. We make concerted effort that unity is strength!