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"China hand" From Mexico
Time:2011-8-6 9:14:36

                         Foreign trade dept.--Li Hai


 "I am Arc Antonio • Denorjia, Lsanniao. I have a Chinese name Tang fei, but my colleagues like calling me “Antonio”. Simple and honest Antonio is like fat version of Ronaldo. He is very happy to use Chinese to introduce himself. When he saw my dull response after I heard his full name, he gave me a cunning face.

    The alternative explanation for “Journey to the West”

    Antonio’s parents are Mexican. He moved to Qingdao with his father .He worked for his father as an interpreter. Although there was no "wage", he was very happy. Soon he found language barrier is a very big problem for him in Qingdao. He went to Qingdao University to study Chinese with the help of Chinese friends.

    When he thinks of the nice time in Qingdao University, he is very happy. "I met a lot of friends and understood Chinese culture. I especially like watching the" Journey to the West ".”

    I was curious what is "Journey to the West" like in his eyes. Then I asked what "Journey to the West "mainly talks about? He answered "Stories about a kung fu monkey accompanying with some people to travel." Hearing the alternative explanation, I was dumbfounded.

    Fulfill a wish to enter the Qingdao Yingli

    After learning Chinese course more than a year, his Chinese level advanced by leaps and bounds. He was attracted by profound Chinese culture and simple customs .He gradually had deep felling to China .Then he made a very important option--work in China.

    With Mexico Valley University international trade professional background, he decided to devote to trade industry career. He joined in Qingdao Yingli at the recommendation of a foreigner. He was full of gratitude for the chance and meticulous help. He said "I like Qingdao Yingli, because we are good friends".

    Happy "China hand"

    Antonio likes singing. He was confident to say "in Mexico, I joined a famous band and had received many awards. In China, I have acquired 12 bottles of red wine." I thought it is 2 bottles of red wine, but he was worried, "NO. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6... 12 bottles," he counted with fingers.

    His happiness comes from work and life. “We can eat spicy hot pot together with 12 people and in china, only one eats a sandwich in mexico”, he said. He likes Chinese atmosphere. Now Antonio is not only familiar with the business but the most popular music and TV show. He is just like a “China expert”.

    At the end of the interview, I took out a journal “Communication” of Qingdao Yingli. He said "Oh, oh, I'm giving you published signature". The confident and happy Mexican boy always gives people surprise and joy.