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Internal basketball game ends successfully
Time£º2011-7-10 13:01:49


On July 9, 2011,internal basketball of Qingdao Yingli Machinery Group Company achieved a great success in a fierce, wonderful and harmonious atmosphere. As an important content of group enterprise culture activities, we can look back this wonderful basketball game. The fierce competition, the excited audience and hard working service personnel, which make up a beautiful design and a moving picture.

The atmosphere of basketball game is fierce. Game players¡¯ active attack, tighter defense, wonderful cooperates and clever steals pushed the mach to a climax atmosphere. As the audience, they also committed cheering for their teams and also applauding for excellent performance of other teams.

All present people were attracted by the magic of basketball. Everybody developed the spirit of ¡°friendship first, competition second¡± and cooperate with each other. It brings a rich visual feast with excellent blocks, jump, dribbling and distant shooting.

  Through the fierce competition, the champion is team Yongshun, the second is Home Textile Team and the third is Huadi team.

It strengthens the friendship between companies and establishes a platform of communicating skills and learning advantage through this activity. It also shows the elegant demeanors of Yingli person. More importantly, it enhances the cohesive force which promotes team cooperation spirit. The benign circulation will be helpful for better development.