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Fire Practice in Yingli
Time£º2011-4-28 13:59:18

April 8£¬2011, at 4:00pm, the fire alarm bell rang in Yingli. All staff of each department evacuated immediately and moved to the spacious parking area with the dealing way of Yingli Fire Practice and the directions of responsible people.

   This fire practice, is one of the yearly twice practice, took place suddenly. But happily, every shop leaders organized team members evacuated to emergency exit door, reminding them to be in order and at high speed. And the first thoughts of members were to shut down the power and then evacuated with the directions of the leader.

   About 600 employees attended this practice, and it took only 2 minutes to evacuated to safe place from the fire alarm sound, and the time is 1 minute shorter than last year¡¯s practice. Facing the fire, time is the life.

   After the safe evacuation and gathering, Plant Manager Chen, gave high remarks on this fire practice ob behalf of the Yingli. And pointed out there were still some fire problems in our daily work, and required to follow the direction of ¡®Safety first, precaution crucial¡¯. And lastly, Admin Department Manager, Mr. Hong made a model to operate the fire extinguisher.

   Through yearly twice practice to standardize the contingency plan, and make the fire alarm always ringing in the heart of Yingli members, the employees remember the fire rules, realize the theme of ¡®Safety first, precaution crucial¡¯, obey all the safe production rules strictly, raising the awareness of life and property safety.