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  Asiaforge 2019-3-28 15:12:43
  Qingdao Yingli Machinery Co., Ltd. won the the honorary title of "Provincial Innovation Demonstration Outstanding Units" 2013-6-1 16:43:22
  Yingli flange factory "one table--one handbook" to ensure the healthy operation of equipment 2013-3-19 17:20:13
  Yingli Group flange factory production safety is in good shape 2013-3-16 17:20:30
  The effect of forged steel pipe fittings factory find gap and mining potential 2013-3-14 17:29:44
  Flange factory constantly improve the quality management level 2013-3-12 17:23:57
  Yingli Group forged steel pipe fittings, forged flanges exported to the United States in large quantities again 2013-3-9 17:20:26
  Yingli flange factory carried out the environmental protection first open day activities 2013-3-7 17:22:27
  Flange factory achieve full month without waste 2013-3-5 17:24:24
  Quality first, Yingli Group's Creed 2013-2-28 17:44:55
  Yingli forging factory busy to prepare production to meet the needs of production after the festival 2013-2-26 17:22:58
  There is a insistence comes from faith 2013-2-23 16:37:33
  Yingli increase in the construction of spiritual civilization 2013-2-21 17:10:47
  Yingli first batch "innovation and efficiency" project winners list was ok, cash bonus total 171400 yuan 2013-2-19 17:13:54
  Yingli forged steel fittings currently recognized by foreign customers. 2013-2-14 17:26:36
  The usage of high permeability coating in the casting 2013-2-12 17:37:44
  SMS set up Heart Bridge of young workers 2013-2-9 17:48:21
  Latin American countries have active demand for China's stainless steel products 2013-2-5 17:35:53
  Yingli group forged steel factory workers meticulously production 2013-1-31 17:44:02
  Spring Festival is approaching some original fuel resources tight Yingli Group production and supply link up to ensure production 2013-1-29 17:54:46
  The quality of molten iron is the basic guarantee to improve the comprehensive quality of castings 2013-1-26 17:41:25
  Yingli Group was established Youth Innovation club 2013-1-24 17:22:49
  Yingli forged steel fitting sample pass rate of 100% 2013-1-22 17:50:50
  In the New Year the first batch of flange ready to leave the factory 2013-1-17 17:32:02
  Yingli group issued first document for production safety 2013-1-15 17:53:40
  Nationwide casting pig iron price is stability 2013-1-12 17:37:29
  Forged steel fittings factory workers were doing heat treatment for forging 2013-1-10 17:58:18
  Yingli group procurement of quality raw materials 2013-1-10 17:50:35
  Yingli group valve product sampling qualified rate reach up to 98% 2013-1-8 17:44:13
  Group Company strengthen production, transportation and sale process monitoring 2012-12-27 17:36:29
  2012 Christmas party successfully concluded 2012-12-22 17:25:46
  Through technological upgrading, Yingli cast iron valve market share or will improve 2012-12-20 17:49:53
  Care for life and health - Yingli Group organized worker at the production line to take occupational health examination 2012-12-18 17:26:06
  Forged factory ensured to accomplish the annual production tasks 2012-12-15 17:25:45
  Inventory in 2012, the new changes in our workshop 2012-12-13 17:38:26
  The end of the year will coming and overhaul is admit of no delay 2012-12-8 17:12:56
  Yingli valve from the "cost leadership" to the ¡°technology leadership" 2012-12-6 17:30:03
  Yingli Group deployed next year's budget and this year's final accounts work 2012-12-4 17:35:29
  Improve mold surface machining accuracy to extend the service life 2012-12-1 17:29:44
  Yingli group conquer forging mold heat treatment technology 2012-11-29 17:33:42
  Yingli group valve factory carry out the "tutor teach the apprentice" activities 2012-11-27 17:23:47
  Yingli Group, the first phase of the comprehensive ability training class begin 2012-11-24 17:37:26
  Yingli group introduce the cast old sand recycling machine 2012-11-20 17:39:02
  Yingli group according to the needs of customers "tailor-made" products 2012-11-15 17:31:53
  Yingli group improved the quality of products to consolidate the market 2012-11-13 17:36:43
  Yingli group: adhere to develop the valve industry, to provide customers with high quality valve 2012-11-10 17:43:34
  Mold technology standards is conducive to improve the quality of the product 2012-11-8 17:23:02
  Build industry-academia cooperation platform to promote the development of the casting industry of Yingli 2012-11-6 17:24:08
  Yingli group carried out "I offer good plan for enterprises to increase production" selection activity 2012-11-3 17:28:10
  Forged workshop reduce the heat treatment of forgings scrap rate 2012-11-1 17:31:28
  Qingdao senior technical school delegation went to Yingli for "learning experience." 2012-10-30 17:25:09
  Execute "two change" management to improve the quality of casting blank 2012-10-27 17:32:44
  The good news - the second flange Preferential Month 2012-10-25 17:06:43
  Excellent quality, the top truth of Yingli group casting factory development 2012-10-23 17:21:09
  Yingli Group casting factory will achieve a leap from quantity to quality 2012-10-19 17:11:31
  Forging factory volume production to make big benefits 2012-10-17 17:36:06
  Flange production hit a new high on Month production 2012-10-15 17:24:27
  China foundry industry drive the overseas trade development 2012-10-10 17:09:27
  Green ecological development promotes casting industry transformation 2012-10-8 17:07:30
  The Yingli Group visited the frontline staff before the Mid-Autumn 2012-9-29 17:02:40
  The transport department actively prepared for the festival transportation 2012-9-27 17:17:38
  Yingli group held "responsibly do products" theme quality knowledge competition 2012-9-24 17:20:57
  Yingli casting factory casting finishing projects will start construction 2012-9-22 17:37:39
  Yingli casting factory payed attention to resources recycling 2012-9-18 17:15:43
  Yingli group established valve "laboratory" 2012-9-14 17:28:31
  Butt-Welding pipe fittings completed the re-examination 2012-9-12 17:24:32
  Forged steel factory actively grasped equipment repair and routine maintenance 2012-9-10 17:31:35
  Yingli Group will participate in west-east gas transmission three line pipeline projects 2012-9-6 17:24:55
  Equipment modernization transformation let the machine regain a new life 2012-9-5 17:31:18
  Flange material report for the record 2012-9-5 17:30:47
  Yingli Group Forging Technology Center successfully passed the acceptance 2012-9-4 17:34:10
  Qingdao Yingli "rest assured project " song the voice of China 2012-9-3 17:34:43
  Yingli group will attempt to "order type" train 2012-9-1 17:32:54
  Maintenance the equipments like love heart 2012-8-31 17:37:07
  Deeply experience Yingli Group "transparent" workshop 2012-8-30 17:33:12
  Yingli group held a development strategy seminar 2012-8-29 17:33:23
  Yingli Group received natural gas pipeline project orders 2012-8-28 17:10:12
  Yingli Group foundry built a green factory 2012-8-27 17:18:35
  Yingli Group, die-casting mold surface treatment technology: make good "surface article" 2012-8-25 16:55:37
  Yingli Group first applied the "short process" casting process 2012-8-24 17:28:01
  "The enterprise is stronger, the happier we are. " ¨C written down Yingli labor expert Jiang Hong 2012-8-24 17:26:17
  Yingli Group valve products exported to Europe with its own brand 2012-8-23 17:34:37
  Yingli group valve factory "five-star" standard workshop are in the upgrade 2012-8-22 17:17:20
  Yingli Group strengthen the site safety control 2012-8-21 17:23:33
  Yingli Group workshop open day 2012-8-20 17:47:20
  Chilean customer came to Yingli group to test product schedule 2012-8-18 15:20:02
  Yingli group the first improved valve had been off the line and began a trial 2012-8-17 17:14:19
  Yingli group equipment management strived to economic efficiency 2012-8-16 17:20:40
  Yingli Group signed a supply contract with Chilean customers 2012-8-14 17:15:22
  Yingli Group flange branch expansion basically completed 2012-8-13 17:07:53
  Chinese hardware products sale good in Africa 2012-8-11 17:03:12
  Brazil customer is grateful to Yingli group for the timely deliver 2012-8-10 17:44:10
  Yingli group set up supplier evaluation group 2012-8-9 17:19:33
  Qingdao city started the "Twelfth Five-Year" manufacture information science and technology project construction 2012-8-8 17:23:07
  Garbage classification Yingli summer environmental small guards in action 2012-8-7 17:08:25
  Every branch of Yingli Group protect the security of electricity supply 2012-8-4 16:52:55
  Yingli Group made security deployment to against the typhoon 2012-8-3 17:14:51
  Valve industry enters demand climax 2012-8-2 17:06:52
  Forged factory reduced the occupy of spare parts stock funds 2012-8-1 17:17:54
  Yingli Group---- the leader of Qingdao fittings industry 2012-7-31 16:48:21
  Domestic stainless steel hardware tools strongly pushed into the Middle East 2012-7-30 17:13:43
  Become an outstanding employee--Yingli newsgroup exclusive interview Zhaohu 2012-7-28 17:13:48
  Pipe fittings' market prospects 2012-7-27 17:32:02
  In the first half year, the exports contract of Yingli Group was in the front row of Qingdao fitting enterprises 2012-7-26 17:27:40
  Group Company flexible adjustment business strategy 2012-7-25 17:24:08
  The pneumatic control valve of Chinese valve industry is in the market-leading 2012-7-24 17:16:01
  Yingli group advocate the green concept 2012-7-23 17:18:52
  Yingli Group carried out technology research, to extend the flange service life 2012-7-21 17:25:02
  Yingli group research transformation high pressure globle valve to save production cost 2012-7-20 17:15:10
  China's foundry industry open overseas trade market 2012-7-19 17:15:29
  Corporation a batch of resources comprehensive utilization technology projects achieved a breakthrough 2012-7-18 17:16:36
  Casting factory reduced the cost of about 500000 yuan in the first half of the year 2012-7-17 17:22:36
  Yingli Group was named as one of Qingdao Top Ten Most Influential Enterprise 2012-7-16 17:25:29
  Yingli Group Valve factory will cooperate with Spanish customers 2012-7-14 16:02:22
  Yingli group valve factory weaving scientific production chain 2012-7-13 17:25:10
  Yingli Group participated in the Laoshan District "safe production publicity and consulting day¡± activities 2012-7-12 17:30:23
  Yingli Group strengthen the production control in rainy season 2012-7-11 17:24:19
  At present, Chinese valve enterprises volume ranks first in the world 2012-7-10 17:15:03
  Promote of independent brands£¬Operate new marketing center and e-commerce center 2012-7-9 17:11:09
  Valve technological improvement 2012-7-7 16:56:25
  China has nearly 60 iron and steel enterprises to establish enterprise energy management center 2012-7-6 17:24:10
  Our valves' market will have a wide prospect 2012-7-5 17:27:32
  The second half of the year production comprehensive opening 2012-7-4 17:25:14
  Yingli Group forging factory made tools by themselves to eliminate security risks 2012-7-3 17:27:33
  The malleable iron pipe fitting of our casting factory received high praise by the American customers. 2012-7-2 17:10:24
  Wenjiabao took about the feel of Latin American four countries' visit 2012-6-30 16:54:31
  Valve factory signed one-piece ball valve cooperation agreement 2012-6-29 17:25:32
  Steel pipe nipples preferential production month will soon be over 2012-6-28 17:15:11
  China will be able to achieve the annual 10 percent import and export growth target 2012-6-27 17:21:46
  Casting factory has been finished the first half year target in advance 2012-6-26 17:37:29
  The sales profit of forging factory this year 2012-6-25 17:19:09
  Yingli Group was awarded the title of the Laoshan District, 2011-2012 Year outstanding enterprise " 2012-6-21 17:20:38
  Equipment repair Department carry out quarterly maintenance for the forging factory forging molding equipment 2012-6-20 17:30:30
  Yingli group factories will be working overtime before the holiday 2012-6-19 17:20:57
  Yingli Group Forging Factory Day will be held on June 20 2012-6-16 17:18:00
  Our company signed a supply contract with the Brazilian customer 2012-6-15 17:24:01
  Welcome Brazilian customers visit to the the Yingli flanges branch 2012-6-14 17:20:36
  China's foreign trade get out of the downturn and began to stabilize 2012-6-13 17:19:36
  The raw material of steel nipples has finished retest 2012-6-12 17:14:36
  Yingli group among high-end seamless steel pipe market 2012-6-11 17:16:18
  Prepared material report for steel nipples 2012-6-8 17:21:44
  Produce steel nipples and couplings according to the plan 2012-6-7 17:22:33
  Yingli Group increase network's popularize strength 2012-6-6 17:23:19
  China's economic growth is slowing in the expected adjustment range 2012-6-5 17:21:17
  Special discount for carbon steel nipples and couplings 2012-6-4 17:28:23
  Valve factory of Yingli Group insist on innovation and create excellence 2012-6-2 17:17:37
  Forged factory scientific arrange production 2012-6-1 17:25:47
  Forged factory employee-Zhanxin adopt the method of reform and innovation 2012-5-31 17:30:02
  Yingli Group invite forging industry experts going to do guidance communication 2012-5-30 17:19:36
  Recent foreign trade market conditions 2012-5-29 17:08:50
  Yingli Group valves factory welcome the customers' visit 2012-5-28 17:47:19
  Forging factory prepare material record for the new orders 2012-5-26 17:20:54
  Yingli Group set up purchasing cooperation relationship with Mexico customer 2012-5-25 17:19:13
  Valve factory enhance the professional equipment advantage, and greatly improve the product quality 2012-5-24 17:27:17
  This year, 4 months production and marketing of forged steel fittings has reached half of last year 2012-5-23 17:29:01
  Yingli Group complete the promise of "quality is our origin" 2012-5-22 17:19:49
  Forging steel workshop continuous innovation, and closely connected to international technology 2012-5-21 17:23:47
  Good news--the preferential month of forged steel fittings 2012-5-19 17:19:06
  Yingli valves factory won the honor of China Quality Credit Enterprise 2012-5-18 17:05:39
  Yingli group held a quality hearing 2012-5-16 17:32:04
  Yingli group held a quality hearing 2012-5-15 17:20:27
  Creative DIY for our pipe fittings 2012-5-14 17:23:26
  Forged factory raw material inspection 2012-5-12 17:18:01
  Forged fittings production line was excellent 2012-5-11 17:20:42
  Flange was praised by the customers, they have reached a cooperation agreement again 2012-5-10 17:26:38
  Yingli Group made a propaganda for disaster prevention and mitigation 2012-5-9 17:19:44
  Yingli Group will increase the flange technology research and development effort 2012-5-8 17:13:56
  Forged factory will have a busy production time 2012-5-8 17:13:15
  Flanges market will expand 2012-5-5 17:22:24
  Forging second workshop director li hua elected laoshan model worker 2012-5-4 17:18:31
  Flange factory will send five workers to receive an further education on May 3 2012-5-3 17:17:14
  Forged factory prepared product material for the record 2012-5-2 18:08:05
  Forging technology innovation, shorten the time, improve efficiency 2012-5-1 17:14:16
  Yingli production and testing equipment inventory 2012-4-24 17:14:51
  Brazil customers visited our company forging factory 2012-4-23 17:27:29
  The forging shop LinLihong stand out from the internal training 2012-4-20 17:07:46
  Yingli Overseas Sales Department visit and study abroad 2012-4-19 17:36:17
  Quality inspection is the key that ensure the quality of pipe fittings 2012-4-18 17:39:59
  The new equipment of casting factory are in good condition 2012-4-17 17:38:51
  Adhere to the machine maintenance and maintenance--improve work efficiency 2012-4-16 17:37:36
  Steel nipple production scheduling efficiency is fastest 2012-4-16 17:37:16
  Steel nipples- prepared material report 2012-4-14 17:36:41
  Steel trend in early April 2012-4-13 17:36:57
  Flanges' preferential month is in progress 2012-4-12 17:37:34
  Qingdao Yingli win the bidding and become flanges supplier 2012-4-11 17:32:56
  Yingli detection test, strict grasp quality 2012-4-10 17:49:15
  Yingli will welcome 20 senior technicians 2012-4-10 17:48:35
  Warmly celebrate yingli through the API audit 2012-4-9 17:29:41
  Flange workshoptake safety into the first place 2012-4-7 17:14:05
  Steel pipe has been completed rechecked after being into factory 2012-4-6 17:34:34
  Checking up factory safety, Inspect and maintenance equipment during the holiday 2012-4-5 17:32:23
  Predict for price of steel market 2012-4-1 17:19:45
  Flange business division organized the employee to study 2012-3-30 17:34:53
  The market of welded fittings and galvanized fittings 2012-3-29 17:44:39
  The price of pipe and fittings' raw material 2012-3-28 17:20:02
  Energetically support foreign trade export 2012-3-27 17:24:57
  Steels trend 2012-3-26 17:30:58
  Yingli: Enterprise should take every day as "3•15" 2012-3-24 17:32:35
  The detection for steel pipes before being into factory 2012-3-23 17:32:37
  Yingli sales achievement continue to grow in 2012 2012-3-22 17:27:52
  Instructions of valve's installation 2012-3-21 17:23:08
  The nominal size of the valve 2012-3-20 17:31:07
  The fault of flanged valve 2012-3-19 17:13:46
  Grooved coupling 2012-3-16 17:22:42
  Flange knowledge 2012-3-16 17:21:52
  Grooved Fittings 2012-3-15 17:30:47
  Seamless Elbow 2012-3-15 17:29:44
  What is valve-valve's function 2012-3-14 17:31:28
  The valve's closure measure to pipeline fluid flow 2012-3-14 17:31:06
  Flange production process 2012-3-13 17:20:16
  The advantages of two piece type ball valve 2012-3-13 17:18:41
  The difference between flat welding flanges and butt welding flanges 2012-3-12 17:05:05
  Flange standards 2012-3-12 17:03:29
  The classification of flanges 2012-3-10 17:13:44
  The Valves 2012-3-9 17:31:33
  Socket welding stainless steel fittings 2012-3-9 17:27:46
  Intensity of forged steel fittings 2012-3-8 17:14:06
  The characteristics of reducer flange 2012-3-7 17:00:40
  Stainless steel tube 2012-3-6 17:19:56
  Classification of steel pipe 2012-3-6 17:19:20
  Ball valve 2012-3-5 17:10:07
  3Way ball valve 2012-3-5 17:09:21
  Pipe Fittings 2012-3-3 17:08:53
  Welded (or solded ) tube fitting 2012-3-3 17:08:16
  Malleable Iron 2012-3-2 17:43:02
  Classification of the valve 2012-3-2 17:42:22
  Welding Elbow Tips 2012-3-1 17:16:06
  Flange 2012-3-1 17:14:15
  The process of elbow 2012-1-20 17:09:58
  Grasp the production to guarantee the quality 2012-1-19 16:45:29
  Improve production efficiency--Completed the delivery on time 2012-1-16 16:23:38
  The simple workbench make a good effect 2012-1-14 13:41:57
  Site corrective get effect instantly 2012-1-11 11:40:10
  Casting Knowledge 2011-12-1 13:30:11
  Near the end of the year my company take the time to complete the order 2011-11-30 15:02:06
  Karaoke competition 2011-11-29 15:43:44
  Two hug betweem President hu jintao and a Portuguese cavalry 2011-11-25 9:38:18
  Foreign customers coming to visit our factory again and again 2011-11-24 16:27:26
  The 8 th security month activity started 2011-10-6 16:10:13
  "China hand" From Mexico 2011-8-6 9:14:36
  Hold birthday party for the employees 2011-8-6 9:11:08
  Yingli Branch Foundry held barbecue and camp 2011-8-1 16:48:54
  Branch plant of Yingli hold a safety study exam 2011-7-10 13:16:19
  Orientation Training for new staff 2011-6-5 14:50:48
  Fire Practice in Yingli 2011-4-28 13:59:18
  Yingli Factory Moved in New Dining room 2011-3-1 13:14:51
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