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Our understanding to quality: Quality is the life of our enterprise

If a enterprise is a tree, quality will be the root, providing nutrients for the survival of the enterprise; if a enterprise is a eagle, then quality will be the wings, the enterprise will fly in business sea.

  We begin from tiny things, caring the details and controlling the quality. In the past years, Yingli set up a comprehensive quality management system with which to create the quality brand from the design process and provide counsel. For many years, Yingli controlled and assured the quality well, which is the result of common efforts of Yingli staff with the common behavior habitsquality concept and behavior guidelines. Only with vivid enterprise image and perfect quality, can an enterprise become stronger and stronger. In one sentence: Quality is the life of our enterprise.

  Portable metal analyzer XLT898 2011-6-28 10:01:07
  Horseshoe magnetic particle inspector XMTY-II 2011-6-28 9:55:44
  Supersonic flaw detector CTS-9002 2011-6-28 9:50:32
  Spectrum specimen grinder GPM-1 2011-6-28 9:45:06
  Bushel hardness tester HB-3000B-1 2009-9-18 11:08:08
  Supersonic thickness guage UTM 2009-6-12 15:11:27
  Dial charpy impact machine tester ZBC2302-1 2009-6-12 14:05:49
  Impact specimen low temperature bath DWC-60A 2009-4-6 11:07:19
  Dye penetrant inspection DPT-5 2009-2-6 16:13:01
  Rockwell hardness tester HR-150A-1 2008-7-8 14:12:13
  Direct reading spectrum metal analyzer ARL4460 2006-6-29 8:03:37
  Chamber type electric resistance furance SX2-24-12 2005-6-2 11:42:23
  Notched impact specimen automatic tensioner QYJ4201 2004-11-3 14:30:05
  Microcomputer controlled electronic universal tester CMT5305 2004-3-29 8:04:36
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